The fans' memorabilia

Bob Arnold's Radio Northsea International photo album

Bob Arnold has very kindly allowed us to publish some photos he took while visiting Radio Northsea International's ship, mv Mebo II. He writes: “I'd been an avid listener to the pirates of the 60s but just too young to get a job out there. When RNI started I got more involved in things and did a bit of work distributing the RNI election handbills for Ronan (O'Rahilly) and Urs Emmenegger (see next page). Also, about then, I joined the Free Radio Association and the Campaign for Independent Broadcasting, and also started doing mobile discos in 1970, working for a guy called Mick Francis who ran an agency. One of his other DJs was Mike Ross so Mike and I got to know each other through that. I also started an offshore radio magazine called Newsbeat International. Basically, I built up some quite useful contacts through all of this and one of those contacts was friendly with Eva Pfister in the Mebo Zurich office who arranged for me to go out to the Mebo II for a week as a guest.”
The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame is very grateful to Bob for sharing his photos.

mv Mebo II
RNI's ship, mv Mebo II.
deck of Mebo II
Deck of the Mebo II.
Don Allen
Don Allen in the RNI newsroom.
Mike Ross, Graham Gill
Graham Gill climbs aboard the Mebo II from the tender. Mike Ross, in the the red jacket, looks down.
Don Allen and Arnold Layne
Don Allen and Arnold Layne in the newsroom.
Don Allen
Don Allen in the studio.
Hans Molenaar, Hans ten Hooge, Leo van der Goot
Dutch DJ/newreaders Hans Molenaar, left, and Hans ten Hooge facing the camera. Leo van der Goot behind.
Hans Molenaar
Hans Molenaar.
Mike Ross, Ian Anderson, Brian McKenzie
Mike Ross watches the tender bringing Ian Anderson and Brian McKenzie out to the ship.
Ian Anderson, Graham Gill
Ian Anderson climbs aboard. Graham Gill facing the camera.
Trip tender
The Trip Tender.
Supplies being brought aboard.
crew in rubber boat
Crew-members in the rubber boat prepare for a trip to visit the Radio Veronica ship.
crew in rubber boat
On their way to the mv Norderney.
alongside the Mebo II
Alongside the Mebo II.
studio 2
RNI's studio 2.
crew watching television
Crew-members watching television.
Mike Ross
Mike Ross.

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