The Radio Academy Celebration of Sixties Offshore Radio

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On Thursday 2nd August, a couple of days before the main event, Emperor Rosko threw a party:

Rosko and Ben Healy

Dave Cash and Rosko

Rosko and Ben Healy. These four photos kindly provided by Kenny Tosh.
Dave Cash and Rosko.

Ben Healy and Dave Cash

Dave Cash and Tony Prince

Ben Healy and Dave Cash.
Dave Cash and Tony Prince. Sadly neither of these two were able to attend the Radio Academy event on Saturday because of work commitments.


On Friday 3rd August, the evening before the event, some of the former Radio Scotland staff met for dinner:

Tony Meehan and Bryan Vaughan

Mel Howard and Richard Park

Tony Meehan and Bryan Vaughan. These four photos kindly provided by Kenny Tosh.
Mel Howard and Richard Park.

Cathy Spence and Mel Howard

Radio Scotland team reunited

Cathy Spence and Mel Howard.
Left to right: Tony Meehan, Cathy Spence, Mel Howard, Ben Healy and Richard Park surround John Kerr.


And on Sunday 5th August, the day after the event, some hardy souls were still flying the flag.

Guy Hamilton, Noel Miller, Bud Ballou, Bryan Vaughan and Ben Healy
Guy Hamilton, Noel Miller, Bud Ballou, Bryan Vaughan and Ben Healy.

All the DJs say..........

A few of the kind comments we have received from people who attended the Celebration of Offshore Radio:
Keith Skues: “In all my years in radio never have I seen so many people from our business under one roof at one time. I just wish I had been allowed another 24 hours to get round to speak with everyone. I was flattered to have been a small part of the celebrations and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to other former offshore boys telling their stories. The memories of Saturday will live with me for a very long time.”
David Allan: “A wonderful event - nostalgic, moving at times and enjoyable.”
Candy Calvert: “I very much enjoyed Saturday and was so impressed with the efforts you and others made to put this altogether. Also the interest still in offshore radio is astounding. I have been completely out of touch with it and somehow I feel it was good to hear and see people from 40 years ago.”
Robbie Dale: “It was a pleasure to be with you and participate. Your hard work was rewarded with a fine, well attended gathering.”
Martin Kayne: “This is just a note to express my sincere thanks and total appreciation for all the work that achieved such a wonderful attendance for what has to be said was a masterful combination of live and audio video presentation. Apart from meeting old friends and colleagues, it was indeed a time warp of a trip back to 1967. I was totally knocked-out by the very obvious success of this event and would be happy for you to pass on by congratulations to everyone concerned.”
Alan Turner: “Absolutely wonderful to see so many of the old faces again after all these years. It would seem that I was the only one of the original Caroline broadcasting crew there. A great pity that Tom Lodge, Jerry Leighton, Simon Dee and Doug Kerr weren't there but, as they say, that's life.”

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