The Dutch Pretty Things Visit Radio City

Martin Fokkens has a web-site devoted to a Dutch pop group of the sixties called Q65. He describes them as the “Dutch Pretty Things”. In June 1966 Q65 came to London on a promotional visit. They did not have a work permit so were not allowed to perform. Instead they paid a visit to the Radio City fort in a rubber dinghy where they were interviewed on air.

We asked Radio City DJ Ian MacRae if he could remember their visit. He said: “I remember the group in the rubber dinghy coming onto the station only from the photo which I also have in my scrapbook somewhere. Whenever I've looked at the photo I've wondered who they were. Q65 eh? Now I know. That's all I can tell you except they must've been mad floating around out there in that thing!”

Does anyone have a recording of the Q65 interview on Radio City? Or any memories of the occasion? Martin Fokkens would love to hear them - and so would we.

Many thanks to Martin for getting in touch and supplying the photographs. The colour pictures are from an edition of the magazine Muziek Express from August 1966 (courtesy of Bert Bossink).

There is more about the band (in Dutch) at and if you want to hear what Q65 sounded like, a well reviewed ‘best of’ compilation album is available.

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