The fans' memorabilia

Mick Dockree's press cuttings, continued.

press cutting
March 1966. Note the “if operational” comment for Caroline South, following the grounding of the Mi Amigo. Kenny Everett is now presenting on Radio Luxembourg.
press cutting
Mick writes: “I think this cutting is from April 1966. The Caroline South programmes show Jack Spector following Rosko at 6pm with Requests at 7pm. I know Jack Spector never did come back to Caroline South after the beaching in January 1966. I definitely remember a series of promotions for the return of Spector but it never happened. The promos started “He is back!!” and then trailed his return. I think it was voiced by Rosko but I am not sure about that. Shame as Rosko then Jake that would have been a combination to enjoy!” The cutting may be from later than Mick thinks as it shows Kenny Everett on Radio London. He didn't rejoin the station until June 1966.
press cutting
Summer 1966 (Saturday schedule).
press cutting
June 1966 (Sunday schedule)
press cutting
June 1966 (Sunday schedule)

press cutting

Mick has dated this as December 1966 but Tony Blackburn transferred to Radio London in June 1966 so it must be earlier than that.
press cutting
Early 1967 and ex-pirates Norman St.John, Mike Raven and Colin Nicol are now on Radio Luxembourg. Caroline South is now broadcasting 24 hours a day

press cutting
Mick has dated this cutting as being from December 1966 but John Peel did not join Radio London until March 1967 so it must be after that and, presumably, before he started ‘The Perfumed Garden’ (Sunday schedule).


With grateful thanks to Mick.
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