Radio 270 Top 40,
23rd July 1967.

RADIO 270   Top 40   23rd-30th July 1967
Presented by Mike Hayes

1 (5)
All You Need Is Love
The Beatles
2 (2)
Let's Pretend
3 (4)
San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)
Scott McKenzie
4 (7)
I Was Made To Love Her
Stevie Wonder
5 (9)
Bye Bye Baby
The Symbols
6 (8)
Cry Softly Lonely One
Roy Orbison
7 (10)
Down Thru' Summer
Ross Hannaman
8 (3)
You Can't Come Home Again (If You Leave Me Now)
P.J Proby
9 (12)
Sugar Let's Shing-a-Ling
Shirley Ellis
10 (1)
Seven Rooms Of Gloom
The Four Tops
11 (14)
Created By Clive
The Syn
12 (22)
Otis Redding & Carla Thomas
13 (16)
John Walker
14 (19)
Marta / My World
The Bachelors
15 (21)
To Love Somebody
The Bee Gees
16 (24)
Woman Like That, Yeah
Joe Tex
17 (25)
More Love
The Miracles
18 (29)
Shake, Rattle and Roll
Arthur Conley
19 (30)
Tonight In Tokyo
Sandie Shaw
20= (31)
When The World Is Ready
Vince Hill
20= (38)
Jeff Beck
21 (32)
Hi Hi Hazel
The Troggs
22 (35)
Herman's Hermits
23 (33)
Make Mine Music
The Rush
24 (37)
A Little Piece Of Leather
Gene Latter
25 (39)
It's Been A Long, Long Time
The Elgins
26 (40)
I Like The Way
27 (40)
Running Away With My Baby
The Majority
28 (-)
Death Of A Clown
Dave Davies
29 (-)
One By One
The Blues Magoos
30 (-)
Things Get Better?
Eddie Floyd
31 (-)
Greasy Spoon
Rufus Thomas
32= (-)
Creeque Alley
The Mamas & The Papas
32= (-)
I Take What I Want
James & Bobby Purify
33 (-)
More And More
Andy Williams
34 (-)
Why Don't You Love Me *
The Buckinghams
35 (-)
(It Looks Like) I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Tom Jones
36 (-)
Light My Fire
The Doors
37 (-)
Just Between You And Me **
Charley Pride?
38 (-)
Shades Of Grey
Edwick Rumbold
39 (-)
Come And Play With Me In The Garden
John's Children
40 (-)
I Can't Find You
The Universals

* This chart is an amalgam of two people's lists. Ian doesn't have anything for number 34 and Per only had a title, Don't You Love Me. Thanks to Paul Rusling for suggesting that the track is probably Why Don't You Love Me by The Buckinghams.
** Ian doesn't have anything for number 37. Per has a title, Just Between You And Me. Charley Pride had a record of that name out in July 1967 so we are assuming it is his single on the Top 40. Can anyone confirm?

Many thanks to Ian Kellock and Per A Berggren for sharing this chart.
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