Photo from ‘Beatwave’ magazine.

TW, “your man with the music” was first heard broadcasting offshore in May 1964 on Radio Atlanta, where he used his real name, Tony Withers. His programmes were recorded on land.

click to hear audio A combination of four separate clips of Tony Withers on Radio Atlanta in 1964 (duration 2 minutes 7 seconds)

Photo from ‘Who's Who In Pop Radio’ published by New English Library.

When Radio Atlanta merged with Caroline in July 1964, Tony continued with the new set up for a short time. He now presented his shows live from the ship:

click to hear audio Tony Withers on Radio Caroline South from July 1964. Dermot Hoy, who Tony refers to, was the panel operator, better known as disc-jockey Bryan Vaughan. Tony never liked operating the controls himself and always preferred to have someone else “drive” the desk for him (duration 1 minute 40 seconds)

Tony did not stay with Radio Caroline for long.

At Christmas 1964 Tony returned to the air on a new station and with a new name.

Photo from ‘Beatwave’ magazine.

Now known as Tony Windsor, he initially presented Radio London's afternoon show. He was also the Senior DJ. It was when he took over the 9am-noon time slot that his audience began to grow. It became a huge success.

click to hear audio Tony opening his morning show on Radio London with the familiar Frank Ifield theme tune (duration 1 minute 14 seconds)

One of the most popular features on Tony's show was the Coffee Break, sponsored from February 1966 by Camp Coffee:

click to hear audio Tony extolling the virtues of Camp Coffee (duration 1 minute 6 seconds). Both this and the previous clip are taken from a Radio London promotional tape for potential advertisers.

Tony in his cabin on the mv.Galaxy. Photo from ‘Who's Who In Pop Radio’ published by New English Library.

On 20th April 1965 a USAF pilot was rescued from the North Sea by Radio London disc-jockeys. The station was understandably proud:

click to hear audio Tony reports on the saving of the pilot (duration 30 seconds)

Radio London engineer Dave Hawkins (left) with TW (right) and pop singer Jonathan King. Photo courtesy of George Morris.

Although a superbly professional broadcaster with a natural warmth, Tony could sometimes be hesitant on the air. His fellow broadcasters poked gentle fun at the occasional silences:

click to hear audio “Pausing with Windsor” promotion (duration 1 minute)

TW with Kenny Everett. Photo from ‘Beatwave’ magazine.

Tony left Radio London in 1967 and joined Radio 355, a sweet music station:

click to hear audio Two clips of Tony from Radio 355's final show: opening the programme and saying his goodbyes two hours later (duration 2 minutes 57 seconds)

Tony in the Radio London studio. Photo from ‘Who's Who In Pop Radio’ published by New English Library.

click to hear audio Tony recorded this message for Big L's last programme (duration 1 minute 14 seconds)

Many thanks to Nick, Stuart, Dave, Bob, EAP and RBL for the recordings.
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