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Roy Howe's offshore memorabilia - RNI photos

When Helen Heath was clearing out the home of her late father, Roy Howe, she came across some photographs relating to offshore radio. She very kindly offered them to The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. It turned out that some of them came from a Radio Northsea International set issued by the Free Radio Association.
In 1970 a number of them were included in the FRA's magazine Sound and some were later reprinted in the RNI Souvenir Book. We think they were probably taken by Martin Stevens.
A few of Roy's copies of the photos had suffered damage over the years but fortunately we had duplicates from the late Rob Olthof's collection, kindly donated by Hans Knot. So here is the complete set with thanks to Roy, Helen, Rob and Hans.

Roger Day
Roger Day.
Andy Archer
Andy Archer.
the mv Mebo II
RNI's ship, the mv Mebo II.
disc jockeys and crew on deck
Disc-jockeys, engineers and crew on deck.
Carl Mitchell
Carl “Weird Beard” Mitchell in the newsroom.
Carl Mitchell
Carl in the studio.
transmitter engineers
The transmitter hold.
transmitter engineers
Transmitter engineers Bruno Brandenberger (bending over) and Kurt Baer (in foreground) at work. Thanks to Ian Anderson for his help with identification.
Mark Wesley
Mark Wesley washing his hands.
Mark Wesley
In a cabin.

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