The fans' memorabilia

Bob Arnold's Radio Veronica photo album

The Dutch Radio Veronica is usually outside the scope of The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame because we concentrate on English-language stations but, when we received two batches of photos of Veronica's studios, it seemed a shame not to share them. Bob Arnold's photos are below. He made three visits - July 1970, June 1971 (the photo of the ship) and June 1972. Nico Verbeek's pics are over the page.
Unlike the British stations, Radio Veronica recorded its programmes on land.

Veronica's studio building
Radio Veronica's studio building in 1970. This is Villa Lapershoek, Utrechtseweg 16, Hilversum which they moved to in March 1969.
Tom Collins
DJ Tom Collins.
Adje Bouman
Studio engineer Ad Bouman.
Atze Veenstra or Jos Hogen, Rob Out
Engineer Jos Hogen recording a programme presented by DJ Rob Out who can be seen through the glass.
Rob Out
Rob Out.
Lex Harding
DJ Lex Harding.
Jurg van Beem
Engineer Jurg van Beem.
Juul Geleick
Engineer Juul Geleick.
Will Luikinga
DJ Will Luikinga.
Klass Vaak
DJ Klaas Vaak.
Sietse Gardenier
Engineer Sytze Gardenier.
Barend Blankenstein
Engineer Barend Blankenstein.

mv Norderney

Veronica's second ship, mv Norderney, photographed in June 1971.

With thanks to Bob Arnold, and to Hans Knot and Ben Meijering for help with identification.
Nico Verbeek's Radio Veronica photos are over the page.
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Bob's RNI photos are here.

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