The fans' memorabilia - Ed Moreno

Natalie Dwyer has contributed a photo and some letters written by disc-jockey Ed Moreno, which were sent to her mother, Roma Roach. Ed was one of the first offshore DJs and worked on a number of different stations.
Click on the letters to see them magnified.

The letter is not dated but presumably was written in early 1965, after Ed has left Radio Invicta but before joining Radio City.


There is no year mentioned but this letter is also probably from 1965. The “pirate radio and TV” station that Ed refers to could have been a venture called Radex which received some press attention but never made it onto the air.


Early 1966 and Ed is recording shows on land for Radio City and, so it seems from this letter, for overseas as well.

(left) A picture of a Boeing 707 on the other side and a quick postcard to tell Roma that he has a new job - on Britain Radio - although Ed gets the station's name wrong.

(right) This letter is not one of Roma's. It is from The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame's own collection. It is from May 1967, Ed is on Radio 270 and he is optimistic that, despite the threatened legislation, the pirates still have a future.

Many thanks to Roma and Natalie.
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