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The Radio Caroline ships

Many thanks to broadcast historian Hans Knot for providing these photos of the Fredericia and Mi Amigo, the legendary ships which housed Radios Caroline North and South respectively.

Fredericia under tow
The Fredericia under tow, on its way to Holland following the 1968 closure. Thanks to Paul de Haan for pointing out that this picture was previously captioned incorrectly.
The tender alongside the Fredericia, 1966
A tender alongside the Fredericia in 1966.
Mi Amigo in Zaandam, 1966 Mi Amigo in Zaandam, 1966
Following the drifting incident in 1966, which left the Mi Amigo grounded on Frinton beach, the ship was taken to Zaandam harbour in Holland for repairs.
The Mi Amigo at sea
The Mi Amigo at sea. The ship in the foreground is part of the Ross fishing fleet. An uncanny coincidence. Nearly twenty years later Radio Caroline's new vessel was the mv Ross Revenge, a sister ship to this one.
The Mi Amigo in Amsterdam
In March 1968 both Caroline ships were hi-jacked by an irate creditor and towed to Holland. This is the Mi Amigo in harbour there.
Damage on the Fredericia.
On board the Fredericia, 1968.
Fredericia and Mi Amigo
The Fredericia and Mi Amigo in Amsterdam, 1968.
The Mi Amigo's transmitters
The Mi Amigo's transmitters.
The Fredericia's power alternator
The Fredericia's power alternator.

Photos courtesy of SMC, Jelle Boonstra, Martin Stevens, Theo Dencker and Hans Knot.
With many thanks to Hans for sharing them.
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