Mark Stuart's Laser and Caroline photos.

Mark Stuart is best remembered for his time as a DJ on Radio Northsea International in 1971 but he returned to sea in 1984-5 to work behind the scenes as an engineer on Laser-558.
Some of his recordings from that period are on the previous page.
He has also very kindly shared some photos with The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. They were taken on both the Laser ship and on Radio Caroline's neighbouring vessel.
We are very grateful to Mark. We start with some of his Caroline photos.

the deck of the mv Ross Revenge
On the deck of Radio Caroline's mv Ross Revenge.
Radio Caroline's studio mixer
Radio Caroline's studio mixer, manufactured by Gates.
Johnny Lewis, David Lee Stone, Mark, Chris and Yeti
Mark with his back to the camera, his colleague Yeti next to him with Caroline's Johnny Lewis, third from the left, on board the mv Ross Revenge. Can anyone name the others?

Laser photos

mv Communicator
The mv Communicator, home of Laser-558.
Mark Stuart, Ric Harris
A smiling Mark Stuart with Laser's Breakfast DJ Ric Harris.
Tommy Rivers
DJ Tommy Rivers, engineer Stuart Vincent in the bottom left-hand corner and ?
Chris and Yeti
Mark's engineering colleagues, Chris and Yeti.

More of Mark's photos over the page.
Back to the previous page of Mark's memorabilia.

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