The rubbish tip photos.

Part 2: Radio Scotland photos, possibly taken by Bob Donnelly.

Here are more photos from the treasure trove discovered on a Benfleet rubbish tip by Keith Webster (full story here).
This batch are of Radio Scotland. A number of them are the same as those taken by engineer Bob Donnelly, as published on the Ross Revenge website, so we have made the assumption that Bob took them all. If you know different, please get in touch.

Bob Donnelly and colleagues
Bob Donnelly, left in glasses, and a couple of crew-members on Radio Scotland's ship, the Comet. Can anyone identify them?
John Kerr
Disc-jockey John Kerr.
view from the comet
View from the Comet. Sunset on the Firth of Forth.
view from the comet
View from the Comet (photo scratched).
turntables and mixing desk
Radio Scotland studio: turntables and part of the mixing desk.
Radio Scotland mixing desk
Radio Scotland studio: mixing desk and tape recorders.
Radio Scotland transmitters
Radio Scotland's RCA transmitters. There are more photos from the Comet's transmitter hold here.
technical equipment
Equipment in Radio Scotland's transmitter hold.
view from the comet
view from the comet
Mark West
Mark West.
cabin on the comet
A cabin on the Comet.

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