Tony Palmer's Radio Caroline photo album continued.

Tony Palmer on deck
Tony Palmer on deck.
Tony Palmer, Rico and Nick Jackson
Left to right: Tony Palmer, Rico and Nick Jackson on deck.
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson in the studio.
Caroline news desk
The Caroline news desk.
The Galexy and Ross Revenge
One of the station's tenders, the Galexy, alongside the mv Ross Revenge.
The Galexy
The Galexy.
Nick Jackson, Jerry Wright, Chris Frisco, Victor Hartman
Nick Jackson, Jerry Wright, Chris Frisco and Victor Hartman in the record library. Tony says he has “no idea why everyone seems so happy!”

Louise Roberts
Louise Roberts in the newsroom.
pigeon in the studio
A racing pigeon has a rest in the Caroline studio. Tony says: “the pigeons were incredibly tame and you could pick them up. They would not leave - we think the high RF signal interfered with their navigation ability. The one in the photo was in the main studio, and took a ride on a turntable whilst on air - it knocked the record arm off - there is a recording somewhere of this happening, and Andy Bradgate just broke down with laughter. Later two of the pigeons had a fight and one died as a result. We found an old cardboard shoe box, stuffed it with diesel-soaked rags, put the pigeon in and gave it a Viking burial at sea. All the crew were on the aft deck. Chris Frisco played the last post on a kazoo and we all saluted as the burning coffin floated away - all live on air.”

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